...maybe it's a refresh, instead. Had a birthday yesterday, which, while a tiny bit imperfect, was exactly what it needed to be. It was a landmark birthday, one of those they make cards for, and it went ok, which is a first for landmark birthdays for me. My 16th birthday I literally drove cross-country with … Continue reading Renewal?

Do Over

Big changes. More word soon, for the bots that drop by at least. Hollering into the void over here. Invisible me, invisibling. I'm in the process of moving where I invisible, though. Writing this in a whole new state.


Y'all, are you aware of all the companies that pay for surveys?

I'm hustling for income right now, so I use a few of them. Enroll is not worth your time. Mostly they ask for free demographic information from you, and if you get a survey, it's literally just a few cents. There are some better ones with actual UI feedback, but I'm a bit wary of them. However, now that I have some gain issues with my web cam sorted out, I might do them more and then review them here. Mostly, right now, I do Survey Junkie. Thought about linking them, but they're easy enough to find and don't need my little link to make bank.

The gist of it is, you sign up, give them all your demographic specifics, and then they have a dashboard of surveys you can try for. Mostly they are a pittance - 20 minutes for 70 cents, that sort of thing - but if you are efficient, you can make a little petty cash fairly easily. Not much - basically half a tank of gas with a little bit of effort, maybe once or twice a week.

Inside My Mind: Hollowness

I'm struggling to stay afloat right now. Still in between things. Things keep looking like they are headed in the right direction, and then something happens to protract or lessen and here I am, back in limbo. My life is quiet, and frequently unbordered. I don't know that that is good for me.