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Time.  There isn’t any.  Or rather, there’s not enough.  I’ve been working retail for years, now, and while it’s a good job at an indie bookstore, it’s hella hard work and tiring.  And I’m a single mom, “unevenly yoked” (his ironic words) to an ex who doesn’t step it up and do his part.  So I’m worn out.  The middle of my life snuck up on me and now I have to fight for breathing room.  There’s time to rest, but not enough time to rest, get all my required BS done, and write/create as I’d like.  Imma get there, but damn – the work I still have to do on my in-progress novel is staggering.

Working on a Timeline


A couple of years ago I used my NaNoWriMo coupon to bag on to a copy of Aeon Timeline 2 I’ve fiddled with it before, but I’ve just recently realized it may be the tool I need to pick up the narrative thread of the story. I’m a single mom, and there are many moments I just can’t keep up with daily writing. Some days, I’m just happy to be able to get up and go to work and get my bills paid. A few weeks ago, when I got up the gumption to take another look at it, I found I’d both lost my place and had a billion threads to tie up, give or take a million or two.  So I opened a fresh timeline and got to work.

It’s excruciating and unbearable in someways – lots of scenes to track, and I’m doing my absolute damnedest to not look at the quality of words in this still unpolished draft.  On the other hand, wow, what a thing I will have when I am done!  You might check out the program if you get a chance.  Some aspects of it are pretty intuitive, but to be frank, you may end up hitting the help documents and even YouTube to understand it’s finer points – it can be a bit fiddly.